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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Rejects Republican Calls For Obama Impeachment

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal went against what many of his Republican colleagues have been saying and denounced the notion that President Barack Obama deserves impeachment. During an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press" on Sunday, Jindal made the argument that were more important issues to deal with.

“Look, I reject that kind of talk,” Jindal said. "The reality is I didn’t like it when the left spent eight years trying to delegitimize President Bush, calling to question his election. I don't think we should be doing that to President Obama.”

Jindal's remarks come four days after veteran Sen. Tom Coburn said that Obama was "getting perilously close" to the impeachment standard. At a Wednesday town hall, Coburn referenced that there was a high degree of "incompetence" within the president's administration.

"I think there’s some intended violation of the law in this administration, but I also think there’s a ton of incompetence, of people who are making decisions," Coburn said.

Including Coburn, at least three congressional Republicans have spoken to constituents at town halls during their August recess about the possibility of impeachment, USA Today reported.

Jindal's remarks come at a time when some polls have shown that he has just a 35 percent favorability rating in his state.

"The reality is one of the great things about this country is we do have a peaceful transfer of power," Jindal said. "I disagree with this president's policies, but instead of talking about impeachment, let's get out there and let's have a legitimate debate, let's fight his policies, let's try to repeal Obamacare, let's try to promote school choice, let's fight against more government spending."

Sources: USA Today, The Huffington Post


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