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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Claims Anti-Gay Businesses Are 'Real Victims Of Discrimination' (Video)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate, recently claimed businesses that refuse to serve gay people are the “real victims of discrimination,” not gay people themselves.

Jindal made his comments on the Family Research Council's radio show "Washington Watch" on April 2, noted (video below).

Host Tony Perkins and Jindal were talking about Indiana's controversial "religious freedom" law and a similar bill in Arkansas.

Jindal said:

"We have seen these small business owners, we have seen these bakers, these florists, these photographers, that simply don't want their government forcing them to participate in a religious ceremony, in a wedding ceremony, that contradicts their religious beliefs.

"And as a result, they have to choose, are they going to pay thousands of dollars in fines, are they going to have to close their businesses, are they going to contradict their religious beliefs? And unfortunately, the national media is not covering that aspect of this story.

"They're really not focusing on the real victims, the real victims of discrimination in all this which are these business owners, these individuals that simply don't want the government to force them to contradict their own religious beliefs."

Jindal later recalled there was bipartisan support for a federal law in the 1990s, signed in 1993 by President Bill Clinton. to protect religious rights, but claimed that the "left" doesn't want to protect the religious rights of Christians under "religious freedom" state laws.

That often-used conservative talking point was debunked by The Atlantic, which noted how the Indiana law is different from the federal law because it covers the "free exercise" of religion by for-profit businesses and gives those same businesses a legal defense if they are sued by an individual for discrimination.

Sources:, The Atlantic
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


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