Lou Dobbs Claims Obama Slogan is Tied to ‘Marxists and Communists"

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In a 7-minute video released on Monday, the Obama campaign unveiled its new slogan, “Forward,” which has obvious similarities to MSNBC’s slogan, “Lean Forward.”

On Tuesday, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs claimed that the new campaign slogan “has ties to Marxism and socialism."

Dibbs said: “The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan or maybe they did. That’s because ‘Forward’ has a very long history with Marxists and socialists and communists.”

“Now, let’s be clear before the email starts and all the comments. I’m not saying anybody’s a communist. I’m not saying anybody’s a Bolshevik. I’m just saying the word has an interesting, interesting background."

Dobbs did not mention that “Forward” is also the state motto of Wisconsin.


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