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Los Angeles City Council Trying to Ban Racist, Sexist Slurs on Talk Radio

Los Angeles City Councilmember Jan Perry introduced legislation this week that would call upon media companies to make sure that “on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs” on radio and other broadcasts.

The proposed legislation, which has the support of other councilmembers, is in response to the recent uproar over KFI 640 AM talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who were suspended after they called Whitney Houston a “crack ho” three days after her death in February.

The legislation cites a “long history of racially offensive comments as well as deplorable sexist remarks, particularly towards women and Black, Latino, and Asian communities” on KFI 640.

It also calls for KFI's parent company Clear Channel Communications and other broadcasters to hire a more diverse workforce.

Remarks from syndicated talk show host Rush Limbaugh referring to Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute" were also mentioned in the legislation.


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