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Los Angeles City Council Backs New Gun Safety Ordinance

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On Tuesday, City Council members in Los Angeles, California, unanimously backed new requirements to disable or lock up handguns inside the home.

The new ordinance would require gun owners to store their firearms in locked containers or use trigger locks to disable them, according to My Fox L.A. Long arms, such as rifles, would be exempt. The council voted on Tuesday for the city's attorneys to prepare the ordinance; once the legislation is fully drafted, the council will then vote on it.

The vote came after a move by the city last week to ban possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Both measures are part of a shift towards more state and local action being taken on gun safety nationwide, in an effort to sidestep Washington.

The move towards a more local-centric approach to gun control “is the biggest change in the gun control movement in a generation,” according to UCLA Law School professor Adam Winkler, who spoke with the Los Angeles Times. As a result of the two significant ordinances, “the gun control movement has been re-energized in a way that it hasn't been in several decades.”

Councilman Paul Krekorian, who backed the recent measures, called Tuesday’s gun storage law “the strongest, most well thought out, most defensible, most important, most significant step forward on safe storage of firearms in the state of California.”

The new measures didn’t come without criticism from gun rights activists. NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker argued that things like education and gun safety training were already doing enough to drive down the number of fatal accidents due to improper storage.

“So-called safe storage laws have nothing to do with safety, they merely serve as a tool for gun control politicians to disarm law-abiding gun owners,” Baker said in a statement. 

A date has not yet been set for the council to vote on the ordinance.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, My Fox L.A.

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