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Trump Might Not Need To Build A Wall After All

President-elect Donald Trump may not feel the need to build a wall after all.

Trump managed to score big wins after promising to build the wall and deport undocumented immigrants, adding he will demand Mexico pay for the wall.

Newt Gingrich -- who is being considered for secretary of state under Trump -- says the idea Mexico will pay for it was likely just a "campaign device," according to The Week. Now some are wondering if the wall will ever be built, and for good reason.

A number of Mexican residents who were planning on entering the country illegally through the Tijuana border say they are too scared to do so now, the Daily Mail reports.

"The truth I never imagined is that the blond man might win," 18-year-old Salvadoran Samuel, who was planning to cross illegally, said at a soup kitchen in downtown Tijuana.

Bernardino, a 34-year-old Honduran, admitted he had been planning to use a "coyote" to slip into the U.S.

Yet now he says he would fear for his family -- who lives north of the border -- if he did so.

"Imagine if they stop me, after a while my family living over there would have problems," said Bernardino.

Meanwhile, undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. have also expressed fear since Trump won.

Samantha Yanez, 21, says she arrived in the U.S. at the age of 6 and calls it her home.

Obama granted temporary legal status because she arrived as a child -- but it's a policy that Trump may get rid of once in office.

"It's as if I didn't have a country; I'm a foreigner in the only country I know,' Yanez said. "I'm insecure. I feel anger, sadness -- betrayed by the American dream."

Others expressed their anxiety.

"We are living in uncertainty, very worried, because we don't know what is going to happen," said 50-year-old Libertad Sanchez, an Ecuadoran hairdresser who has lived in America without papers for 17 years.

However, Jose Alejo, who has been undocumented for 22 years without a problem, says he is not that worried.

"[Things will be] just like with the other presidents: lots of promises, not much action," he says of the Trump presidency.

"Who harvests the crops in the field?" he adds. "Who washes the dishes in the restaurants? Have you seen any American - some blond American - doing it? What would this place be without us? And Trump promises to improve the economy, and they need us for that."

Sources: The WeekDaily Mail  / Photo credit: Border Angels/Instagram

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