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Lonnie Snowden Tells Son Edward Snowden to Stop Leaking, Return to U.S. (Video)

"Fox & Friends" offered a preview of Fox News' Eric Bolling's interview with Lonnie Snowden, who is the father of Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency whistleblower (video below).

Even though Fox News has demonized Snowden's son, the beleaguered dad chose to give the cable network the scoop on his son.

During the interview, Snowden said he opposes the NSA surveillance program, but he told his son to stop leaking information and return to the United States, where he would likely be arrested and imprisoned for possibly the rest of his life.

“I’m here because I’m really concerned about the misinformation in the media,” Snowden said. “He is a sensitive, caring young man."

Holding a childhood picture of his son, Snowden added: "This is the Ed that I know. The same eyes. This is the same Ed. He just is a deep thinker.”

According to, when it came to the NSA, Lonnie Snowden said: “I don’t want them reading my email. In my opinion, they have no right. Not even under the guise of, ‘We need to keep you safe.’ … Don’t tread on us.”

Bolling then claimed that Lonnie Snowden told his son to return: “Ed, don’t leak anymore. He said, don’t talk anymore.” Bolling also said that Ed Snowden's dad wanted his son to return to the United States even if it meant life in prison.

Lonnie Snowden did feel the need to set his son's educational background straight in detail.

"First and foremost, everywhere you read, it says 'High school dropout, high school drop out,'" Snowden said. "Ed had an illness at the beginning of his sophomore year, when his mother and I were going through a divorce. I believe it was diagnosed as mono, but he missed approximately four or five months of school. He asked if he could try to test into the local community college. The bottom line is he did and he completed his high school equivalency in an advance of graduating high school.

However, if true, that would still mean that Snowden did drop out of high school because of an illness.

Bolling gave his approval of Lonnie Snowden, saying, “He was a concerned father. He is also a concerned American. He is very patriotic.”



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