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London Rioters Provide Major Boost to Nightstick, Baseball Bat Sales

As riots continue to terrorize and ravage London, two sporting good items appear to be flying off the shelves: nightsticks and baseball bats.

Gotta be prepared, mate.

According to Amazon U.K., the Rucanor Aluminum Baseball Bat has suddenly become a must-have item for London’s citizens. It’s safe to guess, though, that the boost in sales probably isn’t a result of a newfound adoration for American’s pastime.

To date, sales of the bat have gone up by more than 13,700 percent with no slowdown in sight. Other must-have items include the MA sports Laser 32" Aluminum Baseball Bat whose sales have gone up by 5,835 percent, the Bronx Baseball Bat & Ball Set whose sales have gone up by 4,910 percent, the 24" 60cm Solid Wooden Baseball Rounders Bat whose sales have gone up by 3,255 percent and a Midwest Adult Aluminum Bat whose sales have gone up by 2,678 percent.

The complete listing of items can be found here.

So far, attempts by government officials to calm the angry residents and business owners who have had to live through this three-day London nightmare have been met with little fanfare. Instead, it appears as though citizens are content to take matters into their own hands.

Get a full up-to-date breakdown of the London riots here.


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