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Report: Liz Cheney Dropped Out of Senate Race Because of Daughter's Diabetes

Republican Liz Cheney dropped out of the Wyoming Senate race early Monday morning, citing a serious family health issue as the cause.

"My children and their futures were the motivation for our campaign and they will always be my overriding priority," Cheney said.

Though Cheney mentioned only that her family had been struck by serious health issues, Republicans close to the family say that one daughter had been diagnosed with diabetes.

Cheney made her initial decision to drop out of the race before the holidays, but waited until recently to inform her top campaign officials.

Cheney and her family moved from Virginia to Wyoming to run for the seat, in what was expected to be a high profile campaign.

During her campaign, Cheney failed to attract major backers like the State Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth. Polls showed her trailing behind competitor and three-term Sen. Mike Enzi, despite her monumental funding.

"I've always believed in putting family first and have tremendous respect for Liz's decision," Enzi said. "Her family is in our thoughts and prayers."

Despite dropping out, Cheney is expected to return to politics.

Sources: TPM, ABC


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