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Liz Cheney Defends Torture by Bush-Cheney, Doesn’t Want Torture Report Made Public (Video)

Failed U.S. Senate candidate and Fox News commentator Liz Cheney said today that an investigation on CIA torture that was authorized by President George W. Bush and her father Vice President Dick Cheney should not be released.

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted last week to request that the Obama White House release parts of an investigation on the CIA's torture during the Bush years, reports (video below).

“This is a political report,” claimed Liz on Fox News Sunday. “We’ve now got a report written entirely by Democratic staffers.”

However, Fox News' guest Juan Williams noted that it was written by Democrats because Republicans refused to cooperate, noted

Liz also defended the same waterboarding torture that she doesn't want the report to make public.

“If you’re going to say that we should not have conducted the enhanced interrogation program, if you’re going to say that we shouldn’t have waterboarded three terrorists, then you’ve got to say that you’re willing to accept the consequences of that,” added Liz. “You’ve got to be willing to say how many American lives would you have been willing to put at risk because you didn’t want to waterboard Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.”

However, she failed to provide any proof that American lives were saved by the CIA's torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

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