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Limbaugh Denounces Zimmerman Prosecution


As the media frenzy continues over the controversial George Zimmerman trial, Rush Limbaugh has added his characteristically opinionated voice to the increasingly heated debate. 

In his radio show on Thursday, Limbaugh accused the case of devolving into a “show trial,” in which prosecutors are overly eager to find Zimmerman guilty and appease a public seeking justice for the murdered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

“The fix was in on this thing from the very first moment,” said Limbaugh, calling the trial “outrageous.” He accused the President Obama of making the case one about race when the administration dispatched the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service unit (CRS) to Florida last year after Martin’s murder, even before Zimmerman had been arrested. Limbaugh also referenced the president’s remark that ‘if [he] had a son, he’d look like Trayvon’ as further proof that the case was manufactured to revolve around racial concerns though race may not have been a factor in the murder at all.

“The only important thing in a show trial is pleasing the people in power and giving the unwashed masses a lesson,” Limbaugh stated. “Show trials have nothing to do with dispensing justice—they’re all about dispensing social justice, which is usually the polar opposite.”      

Limbaugh pointed to the prosecution’s request that the jury be allowed to deliberate manslaughter or third degree murder based on child abuse due to the fact that Martin was underage at the time of his death as another example of the “show trial” aspect of the case. The third degree murder charge was denied by Judge Debra Nelson as a viable verdict.

“The only reason this trial is taking place is because the media is invested in a guilty verdict,” argued Limbaugh. “The regime saw an opportunity to turn something into a profoundly racial case for the express purposes of ripping the country apart.”

The case went to the jury on Friday for deliberation, where they will consider charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter. 

Sources: Newsmax, Washington Post, Huffington Post


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