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Activist Won't Take Off Hat: Cuffed, Dragged Out of Court

By Brian Doherty

In, alas, the Free State Project's chosen home of New Hampshire. Pete Eyre (fingered as part of the Koch Brothers' sinister civil liberties machine in the Nation, such that even being his friend made you guilty) declined to take off his hat in a Keene, NH, district courthouse when a bailiff asked, and was taken down, cuffed, and dragged out of court. He was arrested as well.

From a New Hampshire Sentinel account:

A man affiliated with the libertarian Free Keene movement is being held without bail because he refused to give his name after being arrested in Keene District Court Monday, according to Keene police.

The man was arrested after he refused to take off his hat in the courtroom and argued with a bailiff who asked him to leave court, according to Keene police Lt. Darryl W. Madden.

He faces charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and is being held at the Cheshire County jail without bail until he identifies himself, Madden said.

An arraignment scheduled for this morning in Keene District Court would likely go ahead only if the man tells authorities his name, Madden said.

A website dedicated to the cause of freeing Eyre.

And the video of the incident, which later on shows the court officials doing their best to keep independent eyes on what was happening to Eyre at a distance:


Pete and his old partner Jason Talley interviewed at about their "Motorhome Diaries" adventures driving around our nation, which also lead to bulls**t conflicts with cops.


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