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Liberal Views Toward English as U.S. Official Language

It is amazing to me that liberals cannot recognize the need for a common language amongst a nation of people. Using Constitutional Rights as their reasoning, is simply an attempt to leverage and broaden interpretation for self serving interest groups that that defies common sense. 

There is no document, even one that is scrutinized by an army of attorneys that can be complete.  Our Constitution is a powerful and well intentioned document. More importantly its principles are based on Common Sense. 

We now live in a society which has become more dysfunctional and one which now faces economic challenges. Separate, yet related, these two forces threaten the real freedoms granted under the Constitution, not ones such as granting anyone equal access to information in the "native tongue" of a county they are no longer a citizen of. 

Protecting the general rights of its citizens is the common sense approach. Unfortunately, we now have an economic and political agenda, where precious resources are devoted to the minority at the expense of freedoms for the majority. I don't think the framers of our Constitution ever dreamed this would happen.

What is even more frightening, is our sensitivity to this while the core issues to our overall well being are threatened everyday. Quality of life for the majority should be the rule; and, yet, our quality of life has deteriorated. Look at any poll or survey. Read the news. 

History shows that when the moral majority are threatened politically, economically and socially; the entire system crumbles. This is a great country we live in. Let's get some common sense back into governing it!  


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