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Liberal ‘Reporters’ Plot Smears On ‘Journolist’

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July 26, 2010 – Anyone who needs proof of a liberal conspiracy against the will of the American people need look no further than "Journolist" – a listserv of liberal activists who use "journalism" as their cover.

It's unlikely that your local newspaper has devoted any space to reporting on this -- one of the biggest corruption stories of the decade.

The liberal "journalists" on this listserv spend huge amounts of time plotting with each other to prop-up Obama and to smear anyone who opposes his leftist political agenda.

Can you imagine all of the handwringing and gnashing of teeth on MSNBC if a group of conservative and/or Christian journalists, (I know, both of them), operated a listserv on ways to protect America. Someone would have to lay Keith Olbermann on his back and depress his tongue with a credit card.

Look at some of the childish antics these people were plotting.

The Daily Caller broke the story recently. The "Journolist" included upwards of 400 reporters and other liberal elitists who schemed online to protect Obama from negative stories about Jeremiah Wright; plotted to smear Sarah Palin as soon as she was named McCain's Vice President; discussed the joys of watching Rush Limbaugh die; and discussing what could be done to shut down Fox News by having the FCC yank its broadcast license.

Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent proposed that he and his fellow "journalists" portray anyone reporting on Jeremiah Wright as being "racists." By doing so, it makes "them 'sputter' with rage, which in turn leaders to overreaction and self-destruction."

Newsbusters has reported on this outrageous conspiracy. For example, Ryan Donmoyer, a reporter for Bloomberg News, was fearful of Sarah Palin because she had refused to have an abortion when she discovered that her unborn son would be handicapped. He feared this action would make her popular with the voters. But, what could be done to smear her?

Ben Adler at Newsweek brought up the idea of smearing Palin for leaving her handicapped baby at home while she went on the campaign trail – but thought journalists might be too fearful to bring up this argument. Adler was wrong. Journalists brought up this idea repeatedly throughout the campaign.

Eric Alterman of the liberal Media Matters for America expressed relief after Obama was elected that he didn't have to listen to any more McCain/Palin "f***ing NASCAR retards" in the media. Elitist Alterman clearly hates middle America and traditional values.

The Daily Caller is releasing more and more details about who was on this list and what they discussed. The founder of the list, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, shut it down a month ago – probably after discovering that its cover had been blown. Klein has already resurrected a new version called the Cabalist, which has at least 107 members who continue to plot to protect liberals in power and to smear conservatives.

Who were some of the dishonorable characters on the Journolist? Well, there was Mike Allen and Ben Smith, both reporters for the supposedly non-partisan Politico, widely quoted in the lame-stream media. You can scratch Politico off your list of reliable sources.

Mark Levin has recently posted a list of 65 of the original 400 on Journolist. The next time you see these names in print, remember who they are. They're not honest journalists, they're dishonest leftist political hacks:

1. Ezra Klein, Washington Post
2. Dave Weigel, formerly with Washington Post until Journolist story broke
3. Matthew Yglesias, Center for American Progress
4. David Dayen, leftist blogger
5. Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent
6. Jeffrey Toobin, CNN, The New Yorker
7. Eric Alterman, Media Matters for America
8. Paul Krugman, New York Times
9. John Judis, The New Republic, founding editor of Socialist Review
10. Eve Fairbanks, The New Republic
11. Mike Allen, Politico
12. Ben Smith, Politico
13. Lisa Lerer, Politico
14. Joe Klein, Time magazine
15. Brad DeLong, University of California, Berkeley
16. Chris Hayes, The Nation
17. Matt Duss, Center for American Progress
18. Jonathan Chait, The New Republic
19. Jesse Singal, Campus Progress (Center for American Progress)
20. Michael Cohen, New America Foundation
21. Isaac Chotiner, The New Republic
22. Katha Pollitt, The Nation
23. Alyssa Rosenberg, Washingtonian
24. Rick Perlstein, liberal journalist, author
25. Alex Rossmiller, National Security Network
26. Ed Kilgore, The Democratic Strategist
27. Walter Shapiro, Politics Daily
28. Noam Scheiber, The New Republic
29. Michael Tomasky, The Guardian
30. Rich Yesels, The American Prospect
31. Tim Fernholz, The American Prospect
32. Dana Goldstein, The Daily Beast
33. Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
34. Scott Winship, Pew Economic Mobility Project
35. David Roberts, Grist Magazine
36. Luke Mitchell, Harper's
37. John Blevins, South Texas College of Law
38. Moira Whelan, National Security Network
39. Henry Farrell, George Washington University
40. Josh Bearman, LA Weekly
41. Alec McGillis, Washington Post
42. Greg Anrig, The Century Foundation
43. Adele Stan, The Media Consortium
44. Steven Teles, Yale University
45. Harold Pollack, University of Chicago
46. Adam Serwer, American Prospect
47. Ryan Donmoyer, Bloomberg
48. Seth Michaels,
49. Kate Steadman, Kaiser Health News
50. Matt Duss, Center for American Progress
51. Laura Rozen, Politico, Mother Jones
52. Jesse Taylor,
53. Michael Hirsh, Newsweek
54. Daniel Davies, The Guardian
55. Jonathan Zasloff, UCLA
56. Richard Kim, The Nation
57. Thomas Schaller, Baltimore Sun
58. Jared Bernstein, Economic Policy Institute
59. Holly Yeager, Columbia Journalism Review
60. Joe Conason, The New York Observer
61. David Greenberg, Slate
62. Todd Gitlin, Columbia University
63. Mark Schmitt, American Prospect
64. Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
65. Sarah Spitz, National Public Radio


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