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Liberal Media Predictably Biased Over Palin Resignation

Theoretically, conservatives should be able to take a lot of heat from the media. After all, the liberal media represents the minority,
not the majority, in America. Despite their constant presence in our
lives, the beliefs of those in the media are in stark contrast to most
Americans' beliefs. That's something conservative-minded Americans can
take comfort in.

Second, traditional Americans are a confident
bunch. Generally speaking, they lay down at night knowing the truth is
in their court. Liberals toss and turn with anger, resentment, or just
a steadfast conviction that they're victims of an unjust society.

the more personal the attack from the Left is, the more satisfying this
should be for the conservative. When Maureen Dowd trashes Palin's
character, instead of questioning specific topics she might take issue
with, the more foolish the Left appears. Take a stroll through the Huffington Post and you'll find scores of articles trashing Palin.

Palin should take comfort in all the trash that's come her way: Her
mere presence shakes the Left to its core. As an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal
says, "Mrs. Palin seems, in particular, to drive feminist writers into
condescending fits." Indeed, the more of a fit people have, the more
you know you're on to something. People only spew vitriol when they're
up against a wall.

So why, then, isn't the superiority
of conservative thought enough to withstand the pressure from the
media? (And I'm not suggesting Palin stepped down for this reason
alone, but she has complained about this many times.)

reasons. First, power is power -- no matter whose hands it's in. If the
powerful in America do not agree with your politics or worldview,
you're basically screwed. Because no matter how carefully you plan your
speech, no matter how prepared you are for the attacks, the powerful
will twist and turn anything you say to their advantage. We know the
media is liberal. But do we appreciate what this really means? I don't
think so. If you haven't been on the receiving end, it's difficult to
appreciate just how insidious it is. I suspect Palin had no idea how
evil the regime is. Consider this diatribe from Mark McNamara.

there aren't enough powerful conservative voices out there who are
willing and prepared to take on the media -- which makes it a tough
road for the lone conservative. Everyone needs support to do their
thing. That's why the liberal media have been so successful: They have
thousands of cohorts! It's also why talk radio is so vital. Talk radio
is a critical component of our democracy. Without it, conservative
America would retreat to their own little world, try to function
accordingly -- and feel hopelessly alone in a world gone mad.

irony of the whole thing is this: Because the powerful in America
happen to be liberal, it makes it seem as though America is liberal.
Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Liberals have the upper
hand, yes. And they have the microphone, which is terribly unfortunate.
But they're also like high school cliques: Their inherent insecurity
requires them to stomp on others whose voices don't support theirs.
It's how they survive. In other words, they're a sad bunch. So don't be
angry with them.


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