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'Liberal' Massachusetts State Rep. Carl Sciortino Uses 'Tea Party' Dad in Funny Ad (Video)

After Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) became the U.S. Secretary of State, Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) won a special election for his seat.

Now, Rep. Markey's congressional seat is up for election.

Massachusetts State Rep. Carl Sciortino, who is running for Rep. Markey's seat, recently aired an amusing political ad featuring himself and his conservative Tea Party real-life father disagreeing on almost every issue (video below).

The ad starts with the younger Sciortino stating, "I'll never forget that conversation with my dad when I had to come out and tell him that I was a Massachusetts liberal."

"And he's proud of it," says the elder Sciortino, who admits to being in the Tea Party, "Damn, right."

He also "complains" that his son took on the "corporations and the big banks."

State Rep. Sciortino counters with, "They weren't paying their fair share in taxes."

His father also laments, "He wants to go to Congress and take on the NRA and the Tea Party."

"I won't give up on universal background checks," promises State Rep. Sciortino.



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