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Liberal Group Pranks Rep. Steve King's Fundraising Video

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has caught heat for his offensive statements about immigrants, including comparing "legal immigrants" to the "pick of the litter" of "bird dogs."

While Rep. King has defended this statement, Republicans and Democrats have condemned his remarks.

Rep. King tried to make money off the controversy by including a YouTube video of his comments in a fundraising e-newsletter on Monday.

According to Business Insider, Rep. King wrote underneath the video that his statements had been taken out of context when he "complimented legal immigrants."

In the e-newsletter, Rep. King called on his supporters to watch the YouTube video and "make a generous donation to my campaign."

However, the YouTube video (below) belongs to the politically-liberal group American Bridge, which re-edited the video with new text that states: "Don't listen to Steve King's excuses. Comparing immigrants to dogs is offensive."

Another piece of text linked to a video compilation of some of Rep. King's more controversial statements.

Source: Business Insider


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