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LGBT Community At Risk Of Religious Discrimination In Indiana

The Indiana state legislature is thinking of passing a proposal that would allow religious beliefs to trump the civil liberties of the LGBT community.

"The freedom of conscience bill is really about limiting government's ability to squelch freedom of religion, conscience or speech," said Micah Clark, director of the American Family Association.

State Sen. Scott Schneider is the author of the bill that will be introduced in the 2015 session.

"This is a bill to protect freedom and protect religious liberty," Schneider said.

But LGBT activists argue the bill would allow small businesses to refuse services to gay couples based on the owner's religious beliefs. It would also allow adoption agencies to refuse same-sex couples the ability to adopt.

With states across the country legalizing gay marriage, Indy Star reports that conservatives are lobbying for religious freedom legislation to counteract the trend, despite growing support for same-sex marraige.

Indiana's republicans are divided on the issue, but reports contend that Schneider's bill is likely to get some serious consideration in the new general assembly beginning Jan. 6.

Sources: Indy Star / Photo Credit: Freedom To Marry


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