Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's Pregnancy was Revenge for Sarah's


Now it's Levi Johnston's turn. After being trashed in books by Sarah and Bristol Palin, Johnston is fighting back in a book of his own, claiming Bristol wanted to get pregnant in revenge for her mother's pregnancy.

Johnston's book "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs" comes out September 20. The Associated Press said it bought a copy on Monday and reports on its contents.

Johnston writes that Bristol was angry when she found out her mother was pregnant, saying that she should be the one having a baby, not her mother. In March 2008 Bristol allegedly said to Johnston, "let's get pregnant."

Johnston said he had "been too dumb" to use protection with Bristol but knew having a baby was "what she wanted."

And that's just what she got. When Sarah Palin first learned of the pregnancy she laughed, thinking it was a joke, Johnston writes. He said it was her husband Todd Palin who took it very seriously, angrily raising his voice and telling him he now needed to quit school and get a job.

Johnston claims Sarah Palin had a scheme to "avoid a scandal" and adopt the baby, but Johnston said he and Bristol would have none of that. He also said Palin was adamant about not wanting to be called grandma, instead insisting on "Mommy Sarah."

He also sets the record straight on a claim made in Bristol's book in which she said she lost her virginity to Johnston when she got drunk on wine coolers during a camping trip. Johnston  acknowledges the trip, but said the couple started having sex way earlier than that.

Their relationship ended shortly after their son Tripp was born in December 2008. They briefly reunited last summer, just in time to sell their engagement story to US Weekly magazine for a reported $100,000. But they split up weeks later amid accusations that Johnston got another woman pregnant. He denies this. 


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