Lesbian Lawmaker Votes Against Marriage Equality in Hawaii


Hawaii state Rep. Jo Jordan (D) may be a lesbian, but she voted against marriage equality — in the interest of accurately representing her state, she says.

Jordan noted that while 75 percent of her own constituents were all for gay and lesbian weddings, she had a duty to represent the entire state. However, Think Progress reports that 55 percent of Hawaiians actually do support marriage equality.

A week prior to the vote, Hawaii News Now quoted Jordan as saying, "Down on that floor we're not only representing our constituency that elect us, we're representing the 1.4 million people and that's where I feel — that's where my duty begins.  I set aside any of my personal feelings, thoughts or beliefs and I open myself up to the pros and cons and the dialogue to vet measures, and I will make my decision once I see the final measure." 

At the time, Jordan was undecided; however, she cast her vote Wednesday against marriage equality in her state. Jordan claimed that she did not agree with all of the content in the proposed bill, and thus could not vote for it. "I personally believe I should have the right," she said before claiming that she was not in favor of the bill’s wording.

Jordan is the first openly homosexual politician to vote against marriage equality, according to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. Denis Dison, senior vice president of the organization, said, “It’s hard to understand how a member of the LGBT community could vote against the simple freedom to marry the person they love.”

Jordan still has chance to change her mind, as the final vote on the bill is scheduled for Friday. However, she has vehemently defended her current stance, saying, “I might vote against something that I personally believe in. I personally believe I should have the right. You know how hard it is for me to say no? I have to say no.”

Sources: Think Progress, Hawaii News Now, Huffington Post


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