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Lena Dunham's 'Psychotic Rage' After Trump's Election (Photo)

Lena Dunham, who writes and stars in the HBO series "Girls," says that she was so traumatized by the election of President Donald Trump that she flew into a "psychotic rage."

She made the comment while interviewing Samantha Bee, host of the TBS program "Full Frontal," reports the Daily Mail.

In the interview, which was published by The Hollywood Reporter, Dunham confessed: "After the election, instead of rage at Donald Trump, I had, like, two weeks where all my rage was directed at every female movie star who never said anything. It was psychotic. I was just full of hot rage and finally, [Jenni Konner, "Girls"'co-creator] had to point out to me, 'You know, the problem isn't female movie stars who didn't talk about [Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary Clinton. You need to f***ing chill out.'"

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Dunham referred to herself as a "Hillary surrogate," who "was just working my butt off and tap-dancing as fast as I could for this woman whom I have always really believed in."

With Trump's unexpected victory creating "more material than you can shake a stick at" for Bee's satirical show, Dunham asked: "How do you deal with trying to create satire and comedy out of something that has real terror to it?"

To which Bee replied: "It's too much. There's too much to talk about. Everything is a potential tragedy. The news is changing so quickly, you think that the show's going to look one way on a Monday morning, and by Tuesday afternoon, the whole world has shifted, and everything is different, and you can't tell that story anymore, or everything has just moved on and no one would care. Every time I turn my phone off, something terrible happens in the world. It's insane."

Dunham, who did more speaking than questioning in the interview, also described her experience attending the final goodbye party for the Obamas at the White House. "They seemed to want to party. And I had to [leave] because I was like, 'I can only cry.'"

On a more lighthearted note, she explained that the guests had to check their cell phones at the door, which led to a humorous comment. "And I was like, 'Things that I'll never see again: celebrities not staring at their phones and checking their Twitter mentions, [and] this many black and gay people in the White House.'"

The interview ended on a non-political note, with both participants appreciating their fans. Bee made special mention of the "young girls and old ladies" in her fan base, while Dunham said, "For me, it's old ladies and gay teenage boys." To which Bee concurred, "Yeah, gay teenage boys, too."

Sources: Daily Mail, Hollywood Reporter / Photo credit: PixabayDavid Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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