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Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Florida -

Here in Florida we have the absolute worst laws in the nation.  Our patients are suffering every single day without safe access to this medicine.  People United For Medical Marijuana was formed out of the need for reform in Florida.

Orange County Republican Executive Committee Member Kim Russell set out and put the movement in motion.  We started organizing with individuals all over the state to make this happen and currently have been targetting Tampa, Miami and Orlando.  While the Orlando community is mostly students, Miami is mostly retirees and Tampa is mostly middle-aged family leaders.  This cause attracts so much respect from all different age groups as there are so many different benefits to the plant.

Getting active and helping is as simple as printing out petitions, creating a sign and collecting those signatures.  This is an all volunteer effort; we are all dedicating our time to make this happen.  But if you want to happen, you need to step up and volunteer.  There is not enough of us to make this go quickly enough.  Don't expect someone else to make the change, this is up to you!


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