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Leftist Attacks Own, Left Blames Tea Party

Regarding the Arizona tragedy, I was going to hold off writing until more facts came to light.  However, due to the sheer volume of garbage allegations trying to link nutjob Jared Loughner with the Tea Party, not to mention the ludicrous and pathetic attempts to hold Sarah Palin somehow responsible, I decided to throw a bit of truth on the fire.

Of course, others beat me to it.  Therefore, here's a collections of links that expose the killer for who and what he really is.  (Courtesy of


is a 9/11 Truther

is a Left-wing nihilist

Had a problemed history with the U.S. Military

is a pot-head

and apparently is into the occult or Satanism

In addition, he listed Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler as two of his favorite authors, and counts the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as a couple of his favorite books.

So far, this doesn't exactly paint a picture of someone who favors rightwing, small government, Tea Party-esque ideals......

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