Lawmakers Push 32 New Abortion Bills To Close Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic


Missouri anti-abortion lawmakers have introduced 32 new abortion bills even though there’s only one reproductive health facility that does the procedure left in the state.

The stringent new laws targeting the last abortion clinic in St. Louis would force women to wait 72 hours before the procedure, tripling the current mandatory waiting period.

One bill requires the clinic to receive four inspections a year. Another bill requires doctors to show patients a state-mandated video about the risks of abortion after performing a required ultrasound. Some measures increase minimal penalties for medical malpractice. Others require detailed ultrasounds and force doctors to provide additional financial documentation.

Missouri has introduced more abortion restrictions than nearly every other state this year.

A bill that just passed in the House requires any minor women to notify both parents and receive consent from them before she can undergo the procedure.

“This is about politics, not about women’s health,” Peter Brownlie, the president of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said in a recent statement. “The Missouri Legislature has already spent way too much time attacking women’s health instead of focusing on the right priorities, like increasing access to health care through Medicaid expansion.”

Anti-abortion groups say that Planned Parenthood and other clinics providing abortion are simply resisting regulation that all medical services must undergo to ensure patient safety.

“It’s a very cost-effective model for a billion dollar abortion industry, but clearly not one that is aimed at protecting the patient,” said Casey Mattox of

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