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Congressman Introduces Bill Called 'Suck It Up Buttercup'

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An Iowa congressman has introduced a bill aimed at Trump protestors called "Suck it up, Buttercup."  

KTXL reports that Iowa congressman Rep. Bobby Kaufmann has named his latest bill after a saying that comes from disgruntled farmhands. "I have named the bill, 'Suck it up, Buttercup,'" he said. 

The bill is inspired by gridlock on Interstate 80 caused by the wave of protests against President-elect Donald Trump.  

"You've got a right to be a brat," he said.  "You've got a right to protest, that's constitutionally protected.  But you do not have a right to throw a temper tantrum on I-80 and put my constituents' lives in danger."

Kaufmann also wants the House Oversight Committee to look into implementing fines for Iowa colleges that have spent any tax dollars on so-called "Cry Rooms" for students upset about Trump’s victory.  

According to The Des Moines Register, while universities acknowledge that they do have such spaces, they deny that any additional funds were spent on them.  

“I think universities are the perfect place to have these types of conversations,” said Scott Ketelsen, director of university relations at the University of Northern Iowa. “It’s where people learn. It’s where they share ideas. I don’t consider it coddling.”

Both the University of Iowa and Iowa State held their own student-run protests and rallies, but neither school claims to have spent extra funds on the events.  

Kaufmann isn’t buying it.  

"Using our tax dollars when tuition rates are skyrocketing is absolutely unacceptable to me," he said.

But Iowa Rep. Phyllis Thede says the proposal threatens free speech. "I don't want to go after somebody because they're fearful, upset or angry," she said.  "That's not what legislatures do."

"The legislature can be a leader," she continued.  "Not by restricting them, not by criminalizing them, but by helping them -- helping them get through the whole process."

Kaufmann, for his part, isn’t backing down.  "People say, 'Suck it up, Buttercup, that's kind of over the top,'" he concluded.  "But so are the protests that are happening."

Sources: KTXL, The Des Moines Register / Photo credit: Iowa Public Radio

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