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Wisconsin Cops Regret Gov. Scott Walker Endorsement

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Tracy Fuller, executive board president of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association, says in a statement on the association’s website that he regrets the endorsement by the Wisconsin Troopers Association of Gov. Scott Walker.

The law enforcement union’s members were not included in Walker’s assault on jobs and collective bargaining rights. (We’re sure the fact the group endorsed Walker is just coincidence. Not.) Fuller also says he regrets “being the recipient of any perceived benefits provided by the governor’s annointing.”

More from Fuller:

I value all of the…agencies around the state. I don’t know how any of us could function without any of us around the state. We all need each other….

I think everyone’s job and career is just as significant as the others. Everyone’s family is just as valuable as mine or any other person’s….Everyone’s needs are just as valuable. We are all great people.


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