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Laura Bush: Pro-Abortion

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I think this is relatively common knowledge, but the topic came up last night during Larry King's interview with former First Lady Laura Bush while discussing her new book, Politics Daily today:

When it comes to gay marriage and abortion rights, Laura Bush says she and former President George W. Bush have simply agreed to disagree. She's for both, he's against them....

Mrs. Bush also said she believes abortion should remain legal - and has held that view for years - and she recalled telling an interviewer on the day her husband took office in 2001 that she did not think Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

"This was the very morning my husband was about to be inaugurated," she explained to King. "And I thought, do I really want to start my husband's presidency, you know, suggesting that a Supreme Court rule being overturned? And I said no."

But she said abortion is "important for medical reasons, and other reasons."

"I understand his [George's] viewpoint," she said. "And he understands mine."

Laura's mother-in-law Barbara is also pro-abortion, contrary to her husband's position. In fact, according to Pat Nixon has taken the same position in favor of abortion on demand - despite the fact that opposition to legalized abortion has risen significantly since the early 1990s."

This means every Republican First Lady since abortion was legalized has been pro-abortion, odd.

I wonder why we never see a pro-abortion president with a pro-life wife.

As administrative assistant Kelli emailed, "I think Laura's a nice lady, but... I am glad it was her husband and not her who was president."


[HT: Kelli]


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