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Latest Poll: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump Hold Leads In Iowa

Hillary Clinton may no longer be the guaranteed nominee for the Democratic party.

According to a new poll conducted by CNN and ORC International between Jan. 15 and 16, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont leads Clinton 51 to 43 percent.

Sanders’ campaign is remarkable in its reliance on grassroots support and eschewing the existing political establishment. But despite his popularity among voters who feel disenfranchised by Washington, D.C., he stumbled in recent months. Since the most recent debate, support for Sanders has surged. 

Although Sanders is still rising in the polls, 60 percent of respondents said they still believe Clinton is more likely to win the general election.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continued to dominate the polls in Iowa with 37 percent of the support and his next closest competitor is Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who holds 26 percent of the support.

If Sanders and Trump end up as nominees of their respective parties, the White House could end up in the Democratic Party’s hands again. According to data from RealClear Politics, Sanders leads Trump 46.8 to 41.5 percent nationally.

Sources: CNN, RealClear Politics / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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