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Latest Poll: Romney Now Trails Gingrich, Paul in Iowa

As the Iowa caucus gets closer, Mitt Romney has lost his status as frontrunner. In fact he is not even the second choice of voters.

The surging Newt Gingrich topped the latest Des Moines Register poll released this weekend with 25%. Ron Paul finished second at 18%, with Romney third at 16%.

This is a sharp turnaround for Gingrich, who polled at just 7% in the last survey in late October. 

To be fair, Romney is not paying very much attention to Iowa, instead focusing on the primary in New Hampshire, where he is something of a favorite son because he owns a multi-million dollar compound there and was the governor of neighboring Massachusetts.

But Romney is seen by most observers as weak frontrunner, with Republicans looking for any alternative than to vote for him. If someone else wins Iowa on January 3, it could propel that candidate past Romney, sending him to the crowded dustbin of presidential hopefuls.


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