Las Vegas Business Owner Fires 22 Employees Because President Obama Won


A Las Vegas business owner named 'David' told KSNT radio host Kevin Wall, on Wednesday, that he fired 22 of his 114 “mostly Hispanic” employees because President Obama had won re-election and he did not want to cover their health care under the rules of Obamacare (audio below).

David, who refused to give his last name, also said some of his employees had come to work wearing Obama shirts on Election Day, reports

David said: "I’ve done my share of educating my employees. I never tell them which way to vote. I believe in the free system that we have. I believe in everybody having their right to choose who they want to be president.”

"... I explained to them a month ago, if Obama gets in office, the regulations for Obamacare are going to hurt our business, and I am going to have to make provision to make sure that I have enough money to cover payroll taxes, the additional health care I’m going to have to do. And I explained that to them, and I said, ‘You do what you feel you need to do, but I’m just letting you know this as a warning that this is things I have to think of as a business owner."


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