Larry King Lashes Out At Trump Over CNN (Video)

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TV and radio personality Larry King expressed shock over President Donald Trump's response to CNN (video below).

"I think it's -- this whole thing is incredible," said King when asked about the video the president posted of him wrestling the news network to the ground, reports TMZ.

When asked about allegations that CNN produced fake news, King's response again reflected bewilderment.

"I don't think CNN is fake news," he replied. "I worked there for 26 years and I haven't seen anything. I haven't seen the proof. They did one thing wrong and they apologized. A few people resigned."

"There's never been anything like this," he added.

A few mocked King for his comments.

"Well, there you go!" wrote one person on TMZ's Facebook. "Larry said CNN isn't fake so let's believe him!!! Even though they've been caught "red handed" lying but let's believe Larry because he would never lie... #TrumpPence2020"

"Old goat needs to retire," chimed in another. "He has his millions and he is correct, when he was there 30 years ago, CNN was a legit news team. Guess age takes away common core sense."

"CNN also made him a very rich and famous man," added somebody else. "He's a bit biased."

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Others defended King's opinions, however.

"Why even dignify Trumps claims?" wrote one. "He is attempting to reinforce this thought in Americans mind. If you listen to his 37% supporters, they already believe this lie. The only fake news is the news Trump releases on his Twitter account. Twitter has a responsibility to determine information as appropriate. Twitter has not done that. Trump's comments are insulting and dangerous. Twitter needs to do the right thing and deactivate his account."

"So its fake news when they expose trump but it's real news when [it's] somebody else?" quipped another. "Trump need to grow a pair of balls and deal with people exposing him. The past presidents had to deal with it and he can too."

King's defense of CNN contrasts with earlier remarks when he criticized the news network for firing Kathy Griffin after she posed with a mocked-up beheaded Trump.

While he agreed it was in "terrible taste," he did not agree she deserved to be fired.

"I feel sorry for Kathy," he said. "She's my friend. She apologized. Let it go."

"Kathy is that kind of comic," he added. "They go over the hill a lot. Over the edge a lot and when they do, it ain't the end of the world. It was a terrible mistake, no one would feel sorrier than her."

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