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Larry King Saddened Over Friend Donald Trump

Larry King Saddened Over Friend Donald Trump Promo Image

Legendary TV host Larry King says he is saddened by the changes he's seen in longtime friend, President Donald Trump.

In an interview with TMZ on Aug. 16, King revealed he's known Trump for the past 35 years, but now does not recognize him.

"I don't know this Donald Trump," he said. "[The] Donald Trump I know was much more liberal, much more moderate. I didn't know if he was a Democrat or Republican. I don't know this Donald Trump. I'm very, very sad."

King elaborated more on Trump's changes in an April 2017 interview with Fortune.

"Donald is a complicated character," he said. "His ego is beyond egoism. I’ve never met anyone with a higher ego."

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"He has difficulty saying he’s wrong," King later added. "He has a nice family. He might be in a little over his head. Remember, he’s 70 years old. When you’re 70 years old, you’re pretty set in your ways. So if you like to tweet, you’re not going to stop tweeting."

Despite Trump's transformations, King says he still likes the man.

"I’ve always liked him personally," he said. "I’ve read some terrible things that I’m sad about, but he’s never done anything bad to me."

Although he still feels goodwill towards Trump, King says he has consistently opposed him as a political candidate.

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"Donald, I love you," said King in 2016, when Trump announced he was running for office, reports CNBC. "You're a great friend. But I can't buy some of the things [you've said]."

When Trump became president, King unhesitatingly criticized his friend's performance.

"He’s not what they make, but I’ve got to admit that so far, this is one of the most ridiculous presidencies I’ve ever seen," he said, reports The Hill.

King's comments about Trump's changes sparked debate among some.

"Doing or saying things your friends and family consider unrecognizable are among the first signs of dementia, there needs to be an honest evaluation and discussion about mental health, before it's too late, but that's not possible given the hyper partisan nature of everything," commented one TMZ reader in response.

Others offered a different take on Trump's "transformation."

"Nothing new about the Donald, Larry," added another. "Some have just been conned into believing he was an honest adult. He has lied continuously. Proved he was unprepared from the start and continue to [show] he isn't a negotiator and surrounds himself with idiots."

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