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Landlord Demands Brent Kovac Remove His 'Impeach Obama' Sign

Brent Kovac put an “Impeach Obama” sign outside his strip mall office in Port Vue, Pennsylvania, but his landlord painted over it.

Kovac is the president of the Mon Valley Republican Committee.

He has put up political signs over the past nine years, but says this is the first time that his landlord told him to take it down or be evicted, notes CBS Pittsburgh.

Kovac left the sign up, the landlord painted over it, but Kovac rewrote the "impeach" message.

Even though Kovac is calling for the impeachment of the President of the United States, he can't imagine why his landlord has a problem with the sign.

Kovac claims his sign is protected by the First Amendment, however, it's likely the landlord has some final say about the property.

“If I would’ve put an ‘I love Obama’ mural up there. I would probably have every ACLU lawyer from here to San Francisco in a circle up there holding hands in front of my sign," said Kovac, who has not had any support from fellow Republicans.

Kovac did not say specifically why President Obama should be impeached.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh


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