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LA Mayor: Entire LAPD Force To Be Equipped With Body Cameras

The Los Angeles Police Department is the latest police force to add body cameras to its uniforms.

Body cameras have become a major reform for police departments willing to improve their transparency with the people they serve.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday that the police department will receive 7,000 body cameras so that every officer can wear one. 

“The trust between a community and its police department can be eroded in a single moment,” he said. “Trust is built on transparency.”

The LA Times reported that the city raised over $1 million through private donations to pay for the cameras.

“Out on the street, things aren't always clear cut,” the mayor said. “These cameras will help law enforcement and the public alike find the truth – and truth is essential to the trust between the LAPD and the community, which has been a key factor in lowering crime to record lows. I want to make sure LAPD is on the cutting edge when it comes to crime suppression and constitutional policing.”

According to the Huffington Post, Los Angeles will join police departments who have already announced body camera reform in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis and Washington D.C.

Last week, Pittsburgh's mayor announced he will allocate money from next year's budget so his police force can be equipped with body cameras. 

Source: LA TimesHuffington PostLA Mayor Press Release / Photo Credit: LA Mayor Press Release


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