L.A. Homeless Oppose Mayor Providing Housing To Undocumented Children


Homeless activists in Los Angeles are opposing Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to house some of the unaccompanied immigrant children detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

"Before you get partisan, before you tell me where you are on immigration—these are children," Garcetti told a news conference Tuesday. "As a father, who are we as Americans if we don't step forward first and say, these kids who are isolated, alone … let's get them someplace safe and secure.”

Activist Ted Hayes, who has lived in L.A. for 30 years, says there are American kids on the street who need help first.

“It’s kind of a slap in the face to U.S. citizens,” Hayes told CBS Los Angeles. “It’s embarrassing. It’s hurtful. Because it’s like a father saying that he loves children outside of the family more than he loves his own.

“We feel for them,” Hayes added. “We feel their pain. But we are feeling pain of our own children first.”

Garcetti says he’s spoken to nonprofits willing to house the children while they await immigration court hearings. No timetable has been set for the move. 

Garcetti noted that no city resources will be used to help the children.

“These kids who are isolated, alone. Maybe are doing the right thing, maybe have made mistakes. Forget all that first,” he said. “Let’s get them some place safe and secure. Let’s get them legal representation, which is what this country has always stood for.”

Sources: CBS Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times

Image screenshot: Secular Talk


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