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Kushner's Comments On Russian Collusion Leaked

Kushner's Comments On Russian Collusion Leaked Promo Image

Jared Kushner told a group of interns that President Donald Trump's campaign could not have colluded with Russia because they could barely communicate between their own offices.

The president's son-in-law and senior adviser spoke to congressional interns at a private meeting at the Capitol Visitor Center on July 31, the Daily Mail reported. The meeting was a part of the Congressional Intern Lecture Series.

The meeting was supposed to be off the record, but a source gave Foreign Policy magazine a copy of written notes from Kushner's lecture. The senior adviser reportedly spoke about collusion, the press and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

"I'm a lot more comfortable talking to you guys today 'cause there isn’t any press," the senior adviser told the interns, according to the source.

Kushner was scheduled to speak with the interns in mid-July, but was forced to reschedule so that he could testify before Congress about the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia.

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"They thought we colluded, but we couldn’t even collude with our local offices," Kushner told the interns.

The senior adviser was also asked about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"We don’t know where it’s going," Kushner responded.

Kushner added that he didn't keep tabs on his travels to foreign countries or his contact with foreign officials because he did not expect to get into the world of politics. He had reportedly failed to disclose numerous occasions of such contact on his security clearance forms.

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Kushner also spoke about the release of an Egyptian-American charity worker who was trapped in Cairo for three years. His release came shortly after Trump publicly embraced el-Sisi.

The internship director had reportedly warned the interns who attended the private meeting on July 31 not to leak the contents of the meeting to the press. The event was also closed to the media.

Kushner met privately with members of the Senate and House intelligence committees at the Capitol on July 24. He admitted to meeting with Russian officials four times during and after Trump's presidential campaign, and insisted he had "nothing to hide," and that all of his "actions were proper."

“Let me be very clear,” Kushner said in a public statement at the White House after the meeting, according to The Washington Post. “I did not collude with Russia, nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so.”

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