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Ku Klux Comeback? This time it's immigration

Shall the Klan rise again???

On Feb. 20th, everyone was focused on the small south Georgia town of Nahunta, as 500 people gathered for a Klan rally.  I remember thinking to myself, this would never happen in Augusta, GA.  People tend to have a certain stigma attached to small rural south Georgia towns. (remember the hanging effigy of Obama in Plains, GA.)  It seems that I spoke too soon.  The Aiken county S.C. area know as the "Valley" may have a Klan rally coming to the Burnettown-Clearwater community.  The Klan is trying to soften it's stance among the populace by saying it wants to focus on immigration.  Please don't be fooled!!  Don't think for a moment that they have stopped hating minorities and Catholics, and Jews.  Don't believe the words of S.C. Klan leader Tim Bradley who says that people just misinterpret the Klan.  If one were to venture to this proposed Klan rally, I'm sure they will hear the same old tired rhetoric from the past about how we need to keep America white.  You will probably hear chants of White Power and maybe a few sprinkled N-words hear and there.  After all, what's a Klan rally without a few sprinklings of the N-word.

The timing of this KKK rally is really suspect.  It is scheduled for Saturday, April 3rd, which is the weekend before the Masters Tournament.  There will be guests from all over the world.  When they turn on the news, will they see great golfers, or a Klan rally?  Another aspect to think about is the bringing in of other Klan members from other areas.  I am sure that the Klan wants to make an impact on a national stage in order to get back into the limelight.  Will the media oblige them?  Let's hope the Augusta Chronicle doesn't give the Klan the same coverage that they gave that other charlatan Don "Moose" Lewis.  If so, then it will be a disastrous April 3rd.


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