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Komen Giving to Planned Parenthood Down by 10%

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DPATE, 12:20p: Someone on Facebook asked if Komen's overall revenue was down in 2009. Good question. Here's what I found, from it's 2008-09 annual report (click to enlarge):

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Komen brought in almost $22 million less, or 6% less, in 2009 than it made in 2008. So Planned Parenthood took a slightly bigger cut from Komen than Komen did from donors....

10:18a: I was just researching for a speech I'm giving tomorrow on the abortion-breast cancer link and noticed that the Susan G. Komen Foundation decreased its giving to Planned Parenthood by 10% from 2008 to 2009. That's not much, but it may be an indication their bond is weakening....

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When I wrote my March 31 column, "Planned Parenthood deepens link to breast-cancer group," Komen's Message Points stated, "For our fiscal year '08, Komen Affiliates contributed nearly $805,000 to Planned Parenthood programs."

The updated Message Points now state: "For our fiscal year '09, Komen Affiliates contributed $731,000 to Planned Parenthood programs."

That represents a $74,000 decrease, or just about 10%.

Both Message Points stated the giving amounted to "less than 1 (one) percent of the total granted by Affiliates that year."

"Nearly" was a positive adverb that has been removed, although it may not have been germane. I think there were other subtle changes made to the verbiage of the new Message Points to distance Komen from PP but can't find a cached older version. For instance, I don't recall the old version stating this was a "very, very" small percentage. If someone else can find the previous version, it would sure be appreciated.


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