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KKK Recruitment Flyers Distributed in Charleston, South Carolina

How would you like to walk out of your house and find a recruitment flyer for the Ku Klux Klan in your driveway and mailbox? Well, that's just people in a South Carolina neighborhood are experiencing.

The Post and Courier reports that flyers have turned up all over West Ashley, an area of Charleston. Several people turned the flyers into police, including a black girl.

"If a black person got it, it's just an accident... We're not trying to recruit blacks," KKK national director Thomas Arthur Robb proudly told the newspaper. Robb said he doesn't know if the flyers came from the national organization, but he said members often look for new recruits on their own.

Residents told ABC 4 that the KKK should stay out of their neighborhood.

"They were coming into a place where they were generally not welcomed. And, putting stuff in our place of residence without even asking permission... I hope that they realize they're wrong," said Lynn Garvin.

Police say there is really nothing they can do; there is nothing illegal about distributing flyers, even if they are for a vile, hateful group.


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