Kiss Singer Gene Simmons Denies He Endorsed Mitt Romney


Despite his very supportive comments on Romney on 'Fox & Friends' on Thursday, Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons denied he had endorsed Mitt Romney.

On Friday morning, Simmons published a tweet, emphasizing in capital letters that “I HAVE NOT ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY FOR PRES.”

The link on Twitter went to a statement on his official website where Simmons seemed surprised that the media was reporting what he said to millions of viewers.

“I suppose the nature of media is, comments are often taken out of context and used for incendiary headline purposes. I was quoted on Fox as saying I prefer Gov Romney only as far as fiscal economic areas are concerned. And I stand by that comment. But I have not endorsed either Gov Romney or Pres Obama,” Simmons wrote, adding that he thought President Obama was a “good man. Loves his family. And loves America. But that doesn’t mean I agree with his policies.”

“The next election is coming up and for some reason, both the left and right of the political spectrum are curious who I will vote for.  have no idea why anyone would be interested in who I would vote for…or for that matter who anyone else would vote for. I want to hear what both Gov Romney and Pres Obama have to say. And THEN I will pull the lever as my conscience dictates. In the voting booth. Privately. As an American.”


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