Former North Korean Official Claims Kim Jong-un Is No Longer In Control


No one has heard from North Korea leader Kim Jong-un in weeks and rumors have been circulating about his whereabouts and health. The big mystery may have been cleared up: Kim Jong-il’s son is no longer in control of the country, according to a former counterintelligence official and poet laureate, and North Korea is involved in a civil war, reports Vice News.

Jang Jin-sung, who was a faithful member of Kim Jong-il’s cabinet, says the nation is divided over whether it should have absolute control over its economy or if it is time to open its door to foreign trade.

“On one hand, it's people who want to maintain a regime monopoly,” Jang said. “On the other hand, it’s not like people are fighting against the regime, but in a policy sense they want to take advantage to get influence. It’s not actually consciously civil war, but there are these two incompatible forces at play.”

Jang called the 31-year-old a “puppet leader” who was overthrown after a coup in 2013, reports Daily Mail.

Jong-un’s many health ailments, which reportedly include obesity and fractures in both ankles as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes, have raised questions among many about what would happen if he were no longer in control of the government. It is not uncommon for him to “disappear” from public view for days and weeks at a time. He was last spotted walking with a limp during a July ceremony to honor his late grandfather, Kim il-sung.

Sources: Vice News, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Reuters, Wikipedia


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