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Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Jailed For Refusing To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who appeared in a viral video when she denied two gay men the right to marry, was jailed for contempt of court on Sept. 3. Davis is the first Christian in the U.S. to face jail resulting from the Supreme Court Decision to legalize gay marriage.

“I’ve weighed the cost and I’m prepared to go to jail, I sure am,” Davis told Fox News’ Tom Starnes in an interview. “This has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me. This is about upholding the word of God.”

Davis took the place of her mother who held the position as a clerk in the small Kentucky county of Rowan for 40 years. She was elected last November

Davis is an Apostolic Christian. She knew she would not issue same-sex marriage certificates if gay marriage became legal. When it did, Davis disallowed marriage licenses of any kind in Rowan County.

She was represented in court by Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit public interest law firm that provides free legal assistance in defense of “Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family.”

Liberty Counsel argued that forcing Davis to issue same-sex marriage licenses is against her religious beliefs.

A federal judge ordered Davis to issue the licenses. That ruling was upheld by an appeals court decision and the U.S. Supreme Court declined to take action.

A federal judge on Sept. 3 declared Davis in contempt of court. Judge David Bunning said Davis would be released only when she complies with his order and issues marriage licenses, reports The New York Times.

“I would have to either make a decision to stand or I would have to buckle down and leave,” she said. “And if I left, resigned or chose to retire, I would have no voice for God’s word.”

“I’m steadfast in what I believe,” Davis told Starnes. “I don’t leave my conscience and my Christian soul out in my vehicle and come in here and pretend to be something I’m not. It’s easy to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

Davis has been criticized for having gotten married four times. She says that she found God after living for the devil, and that the reporters who call her a hypocrite can also find God.

Sources: YouTube, Fox News, Wikipedia, The New York Times / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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