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Kids Destroy Trump Pinata During Protest In Chicago (Video)

There was a protest on Feb. 15 at the University of Chicago because President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was scheduled to be interviewed at a seminar there by Robert Costa of The Washington Post (video below).

Part of the protest included children swinging a stick at a Trump-shaped pinata, which they eventually broke open and tore up for the goodies inside, notes

Adults were on hand to cheer the children on as they battered the effigy of the president that was tied to a tree.

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Lewandowski left Team Trump in June 2016 and was replaced by Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, who became the campaign's CEO. readers were outraged on the news site's Facebook page:

If anyone of those parents were one of my kids...teaching my grandchildren this an Italianmom..I do not care how old they are the Italian backhand would show up right to the back of their skulls. My little Italian mother was right...too much freedom in this country. Some people just should remain childless.

Teaching your children to hate, disrespect our president, and destroy things is not how to parent!! Shame on u all! You're teaching your children hate and no reasons as to why. You aren't raising your children to be respectful and a good person in this world. You are teaching them to be Whiney beast who destroy s*** when they don't get their way. Shame on u all.........

What a neat family oriented 'kkkish' rally! 101 hate-cult lynching games for toddlers. So progressive...

What if the pinata was Obama, there would be all kinds of racial overtones. How can you teach this to kids who don't even understand politics?

Intellectual Yet Idiots - White liberal middle class, self absorbed hipsters basking in their "virtue signalling." They're completely ridiculous.

Yeah teaching kids to hate...facist is not an exclusive term applied to the political right spectrum any more. The left seems more intolerant and facist.

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