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KFC Fights Breast Cancer While Funding Cancer-Causing Abortions

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Friend Steve and others notified me last week that Kentucky Fried Chicken was launching a "national 'Buckets for the Cure™' campaign, aimed at educating more women and men about breast health, generating support for the cause and attempting to make the single largest donation in the history of Susan G. Komen for the Cure," according to its press statement.

Steve emailed, "I love KFC, but I guess I can't go during this time period."

That's because Komen officials say there are certain places in the US where only PP performs breast cancer screening....

While Komen turns a deaf ear toward our logic, maybe it won't on an analogous mainstream complaint with its KFC campaign.

These programs provide mammograms to women in low-income communities," Rader said....

Well, there's a familiar excuse.

I happen to agree Komen has no business partnering with KFC, whose food only increases the risk of breast cancer. Hopefully mainstream pressure on the more politically correct issue of diet will cause Komen to think twice about partnering with breast cancer enablers. Talk about ludicrous.

But another part of me is pretty sure Komen's goals aren't necessarily what it states.

[HT on CNN article: Alex R.]


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