Kevin Trudeau: Guilty Of Free Speech


Well, the man in America that's most hated by its government, Kevin Trudeau, is facing criminal charges again, but for what? 

For those of you who don't know Mr. Trudeau, he's one of the most successful authors, natural living advocates, and consumer reporters in the nation, writing several NY Times bestsellers and now having his own radio show. 

However, he recently won an appeal that reversed a $37 million judgment against him, and he's been virtually unscathed since the bogus charges of fraud and larceny were brought against him, which he pled guilty to under duress and because he knew the government had framed him so well there's no way the jury would let him walk. 

He's recently been charged with criminal contempt, after doing nothing more than asking for support and testimonials defending his weight loss cure, which so many people have used successfully. The judge tried to cite him for being dishonest because Trudeau said in his book that the system was easy. Of course, something being easy is a matter of opinion, not objective fact, so how can you do that anyway? 

So, back to the $37 million judgment he appealed and got reversed. An activist judge has reinstated the fine and is attempting to turn the case into a criminal one. In reality, Kevin Trudeau has done nothing wrong. Well, I guess in the government's eyes he has: he's exposed their corruption. 

Whether you agree with what Kevin Trudeau says or not, whether you like the guy or hate him (I personally love him to death), free speech is a constitutional right. He has every right to bad-mouth the government and the pharmaceutical companies all he wants. He has the right to call it like he sees it and point out the corruption in the system. He has the right to say all of what he does. 

Kevin Trudeau is guilty of nothing more than exercising his right to free speech. Of course, with the extreme leftist liberal government, you're wrong unless you agree with them, so it would only make sense that they're trying to silence Kevin. You don't have to like Kevin to support his right to free speech. Nonetheless, this is evidence that nobody has the right to criticize the government anymore. 


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