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People Upset By Kellyanne Conway's Inauguration Outfit (Photo)

On the day of the Inauguration, social media became abuzz talking about what President Donald Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was wearing.

"[It's] Trump Revolutionary Wear," Conway told NBC.

Conway arrived on the scene decked out in a $3,600 red, white, and blue Gucci coat embellished with metal cat buttons, according to Her extremely patriotic look was topped off with red gloves and a hat.

The New York Post reports, however, that the coat was actually inspired by London, not America. Nonetheless, social media has been having a field day with Conway's look, comparing her to everything from a nutcracker to French revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte. 

"Kellyanne Conway looks like a human nutcracker," said one user.

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Another user said that the outfit gave her a "Napoleon realness."

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According to USA Today, another user simply wrote: "OMG who dressed Kellyanne Conway for the inauguration. Who picked that ensemble and said "oh that looks good"?!!? Fire them. Immediately."

Despite the hate, Conway, whose 50th birthday coincided with Inauguration Day, seemed perfectly at ease, even doing a dance in her ensemble before taking questions from NBC.

Sources: USA Today,, NBC / Photo Credit: Stephen Leng/Twitter

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