Why Keith Olbermann Dislikes Melania Trump's Portrait (Photo)


GQ Special Correspondent Keith Olbermann criticized First Lady Melania Trump's official White House portrait, saying she does not deserve one after "not fulfilling the duties" of a first lady.

On April 3, the White House released Trump's official portrait, but like most things the Trump family does, it was met with a backlash from folks on the left.

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"Since she's not fulfilling the duties but billing us anyway, shouldn't the official portrait be blank?" Olbermann, who voices one of the characters on the Netflix cartoon "Bojack Horseman," tweeted on April 3.

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The comment received mixed reactions from Twitter users.

"[W]ho cares about her portrait when POS [President Donald] Trump is wasting taxpayer money on her NY security but cutting other important programs?!" one person replied.

Another joked that they thought Ivanka Trump was the first lady, while somebody else criticized the image itself for being so "airbrushed" that Mrs. Trump's "Botoxed plastic face" looks like an "alien."

Others defended the first lady.

"Since you do nothing but whine incessantly -shouldn't your avi be blank?" one person replied to Olbermann.

Another told the special correspondent that he is "just getting weirder" and joked that MSNBC "is not hiring."

Across the internet, Mrs. Trump's portrait has received mixed reactions, with some commenting on the heavy editing of the image or using the opportunity to make jokes about her earlier nude photos or her living in New York, while others complimented the portrait.

"Melania's White House portrait is beautiful and will make an excellent conversation piece if she ever happens to visit the White House," one person tweeted.

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"I don't think Mrs. Trump can take a bad picture!" another Twitter user said. "Very pretty lady inside and out! Her beauty radiates!"

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What exactly are the "duties" Olbermann referenced?

According to Refinery29, first ladies -- who do not receive payment for their work -- primarily have ceremonial duties, such as hosting official events like state dinners and other visits from world leaders. They also typically work on social causes and have focused on women's or children's issues since former President Richard Nixon's administration.

Mrs. Trump said before her husband's Jan. 20 inauguration that she would focus on fighting cyberbullying and other forms of harassment.

"We have to find a better way to talk to each other, disagree with each other, to respect each other," she said in a November 2016 speech, according to Refinery29. "We must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media."

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