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Kathy Griffin Still Under Investigation For Trump Photo

Kathy Griffin Still Under Investigation For Trump Photo Promo Image

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is still under Secret Service investigation a month after releasing the now-infamous photo in which she is holding a mock version of President Donald Trump's bloodied, severed head.

The news was confirmed by political reporter Yashar Ali, Vulture reported. He took to Twitter to share some details about the nature of Griffin's investigation.

"News: Kathy Griffin has been interviewed by the Secret Service, in-person, for over an hour....investigation still not closed," Ali tweeted.

Griffin's lawyers confirmed that an investigation was launched back in June, shortly after the viral photos surfaced online.

During a news conference, Griffin's attorney, Lisa Bloom, went as far as accusing Trump and his family of "using their power to target her," CNN reported. The comedienne reiterated those thoughts, saying the president was trying to ruin her life.

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"If you don't stand up, you get run over," Griffin said at the time. “What’s happening to me has never happened, ever, in the history of this great country, which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally -- I feel -- trying to ruin my life forever."

Bloom also confirmed that Griffin had retained a criminal lawyer.

"As a result of the first family bullying her, she has been vilified, getting death threats, fired from multiple jobs and had multiple events canceled," Bloom said.

“We’re going to fully cooperate with the Secret Service in their investigation,” Griffin's criminal lawyer, Dmitry Gorin, said during a news conference, according to The New York Times.

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Gorin made the argument that Griffin's action did not warrant a criminal investigation.

“She basically exercised her First Amendment rights to tell a joke,” Gorin explained. “When you look at everything in the media, all the times entertainers make videos or express themselves in other ways, you’ve never seen an entertainer, let alone a comedian, be subject to a criminal investigation.”

Several social media users responded to the news of Griffin's ongoing criminal investigation. Most appeared shocked that the probe was still on.

"I wonder how many people were interviewed that depicted Obama hanging from a noose, among a million other horrific things," wrote one Twitter user.

"Clearly targeted harassment," wrote another. "Do they really think a comedian has a plot against the President? Ridiculous."

"Colossal waste of time, money and resources, Comedic Art does not an Assassin make!" added another. "Poor/Bad Taste? YES! Credible Threat? Absolutely Not!"

"Today I celebrate the first amendment with gusto," quipped another user.

Griffin took to Twitter on June 27 to share an article arguing that TMZ had become the media's strongest pro-Trump outlet. The tweet hinted at the fact that she is still under investigation.

"Hey, (I don't give a F anymore) [middle finger emoji] but [TMZ] & Harvey Levin may u NEVER b under fed investigation like I am now," Griffin tweeted.

Sources: Vulture, Yashar Ali/Twitter, CNN, The New York Times, Kathy Griffin/Twitter / Photo credit: Sgt. Dallas Walker/DVIDS, Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Greg Hernandez/Flickr

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