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Kate Gosslin

I am sick and tired of hearing all this crap about kate, she is a single mom and trying to do her best to raise these children..  I am from a family of 18 children, same mom and dad.  Mom worked in the house all day and dad worked 3 jobs,  My mom got help from the older children as Kate gets from her Nannies.  I would like to see any one out there take care of 6 childen of the same age  and not lose it at times.  The shame of Jon Gosslin was he didn't do anything to help unless she told him, well if I had that many kids of the same age I would be doing the same thing.  The problem with Jon he never just looked and saw what needed to be done and do it, she needed to remind him as you do with a child.  So get off her case and let her support those 8 children, with or without Jons help.

Here one for you Kate Gosslin



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