Kasich: Seniors Should Have 'Tent City' Protest (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich of Ohio held a rally on April 2 in Burlington, Wisconsin, where he advised seniors to set up a "tent city" to protest for Social Security (video below).

Kasich came up with the "Occupy Wall Street" idea for the elderly after spying some red-shirted AARP members in the audience, notes TimesReporter.com.

"You can’t just go down there and say [fix Social Security], you are going to have to create a tent city," Kasich said. "You know how they did that thing in New York, occupy."

"You are going to have to occupy [Washington] D.C," Kasich added. "Here is what you are going to demand: 'You Republicans and you Democrats, fix this. And we’re not leaving until you fix it' ... I just came up with that, did you folks get that? Occupy D.C."

The crowd gave Kasich a chuckle and brief applause.

Kasich also predicted what would happen at the GOP convention in July: "Here's what's going to happen. We're going to have an open convention. Cruz needs about 90 percent of the remaining delegates and when we head East, it's impossible, not going to happen. Trump needs about 60 percent and I tell you, after the last couple of days, I'm not convinced."

While Kasich wants an open convention to sway delegates to vote for him, the campaigns of Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas are trying to keep Kasich off the ballot at the convention, notes MSNBC.

"I expect the Rules Committee to require a level of support that would leave only two candidates on the ballot at the convention," an unidentified senior Cruz campaign aide told MSNBC.

"The Cruz people and Trump people are fighting hard to make sure their hard-core delegates get on the committee," added Barry Bennett, a Trump adviser.

"We'll be successful getting at least a majority -- or supermajority," Bennett added.

The Cruz and Trump campaigns are supporting a rule that would require candidates to get a minimum amount of support to be on the convention ballot, which would eliminate Kasich.

"We are working to ensure each campaign has a fair representation on the Rules Committee and it reflects the leadership of the Republican Party," Andrew Boucher, Kasich's chief convention strategist, countered.

Sources: TimesReporter.com, MSNBC via NBC News / Photo credit: Ruptly TV/YouTube

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